Guidance - CEGEP Information

Students who wish to go to CEGEP have the option of applying to a 2 year Pre-University program or to a 3 year Career/Technical programs.

The 2-year Pre-University programs: 

  • Start in the fall (Sept.) and winter (Jan.) semesters.  
  • Prepare you for further studies at the university level.
  • DO NOT provide the marketable skills necessary to enter the workforce immediately. 

The 3-year Career/Technical programs:

  • Start in the fall semester.
  • Include stage placements/internships so that you can learn on the job.
  • Provide you with the marketable skills necessary to enter the workforce immediately.
  • Allow you to further your studies in university (may need prerequisites).

In addition to the Graduation Requirements some CEGEP programs require that a student takes and passes certain subjects or prerequisites in order to gain admissibility to their program. 

Students should consult individual college websites and make an appointment to meet with Ms. Gasparini to discuss potential program choices and ensure that they have the necessary pre-requisites for the desired program.

Admissions to CEGEP is based on:

Browsing CEGEP/Colleges websites allows the student to gather information about the variety of programs that are offered and the requirements for admissions.


You can take the opportunity to learn about the individual CEGEPs and colleges by clicking on the icons below.




Attending CEGEP Open Houses is extremely important:

  • It provides a student with the opportunity to ask questions about the program they are considering, admission requirements and to speak with the teachers, advisors and current students.
  • It gives the student a sense of how comfortable he/she is with the “vibe  of the place”. 


Student for a Day:

This is a great opportunity to experience what it would be like to work in your chosen vocation. You are able to talk to the students enrolled in the program and through them you can determine if the program would be the right fit for you.

If you are interested in being a student for a day contact the training centre that interests you and mention that you would like information on how to register for student for a day.


CEGEP Application Process:

All online applications must be complete and submitted by March 1st. Students can schedule an appointment with Ms. Gasparini if they need assistance completing their on-line application.

Public CEGEPs:

  • Under the public CEGEP application process there are two application processes:
  • SRAM: Access the online application form for:
    • John Abbott College
    • Vanier College
    • Champlain Lennoxville
    • all francophone colleges in Quebec

Under the SRAM Application system the student can apply to one CEGEP and one program.


Click the SRAM image to be directed to the Service Regional d'Admission de Montreal website. 



Student for a Day:

This is a great opportunity to spend a day attending classes, meeting teachers and fellow students in the program that interest you; not all programs offer this activity. If you are interested in student for a day visit the website of the CEGEP that you are interested in and register on line if this activity is offered. 

  • CAS: Access the online application form for:
    • Champlain St-Lambert
    • Dawson College

Under the CAS Application system the student can:

  1. Choose the same program at 2 different colleges (best option recommended by the CEGEP’s) 
  2. Choose a different program at 2 different colleges
  3. Choose 2 different programs at the same college

  Visit the Common Application System by clicking on the CAS image



Private CEGEPS:

  • The private CEGEPs have their own application process:
    • LaSalle College
    • Marianopollis College
    • O’Sullivan College