Guidance - Career Exploration

Below are some resources which may help students clarify and identify their interest level in helping them choose a direction that will help them towards achieving their career goals.


Career cruising is an excellent vocational assessment tool that asks you questions about your likes and dislikes to find careers that match up with your interest. To access the passwords for this site please contact Ms. Gasparini. 


This site provided information on vocational training programs available in all of the vocational centers on the island of Montreal.          


This site, TOP 54 feature programs which lead to careers for which employment opportunities in the next five years are good or very good and also in demand.

On this site you can take an Aptitude Test that will help you get a clear picture of your likes, talents and interests, and will show you careers that fit who you are.


Excellent resource developed by SRAM this site consolidates information about CEGEPs: program descriptions, where programs are offered in the city, number of available spaces per program, acceptance requirements and potential employment opportunities.