Community Service at Lakeside Academy

At Lakeside Academy, community service is an integral part of the curriculum of an IB World School. Through servicing our community, students develop leadership skills, empathy and awareness of social issues. Many activities and events will be offered through Lakeside and sign-up sheets will be posted on our Community Service Board located on the second floor. In addition, students are encouraged to seek out other opportunities where they may offer their help within their community. 

The table below shows the number of volunteer service hours students are required to complete each year from Sec. 1 to 5.

Sec. 1 8 5
Sec 2 8 5
Sec. 3 10 8
Sec. 4 10 8
Sec. 5 10 8

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure: 

  • Their community service requirements are met
  • They keep track of the activities in which they signed up for and present themselves at the appropriate time
  • Their community service hours log sheet(on our website and at reception) is kept updated and signed
  • Their community service hours log sheets are submitted to their homeroom teachers the week before the end of each term

We believe with everyone’s participation, that together we can build a very strong and vibrant community life!

Community Service Hours Log