Support Staff

2019-2020 Support Staff

Bell, S. Administrative Assistant
Brown, K. Administrative Assistant
Leblanc, J. TOS
Torok, T. Executive Administrative Assistant
Gasparini, N. Counsellor In Academic Training
Leiba, E. Psychologist
Sioufi, T. Speech & Language Pathologist
Sullivan, S. FSSTT Link
Napasney, K. Special Ed. Tech
Turcotte, L. Special Ed. Tech
Monette, C. Cumulus
Berube, C. Special Needs Consultant
Lagredelle, L.-P. Bounce Back
Nicholson, M. Lab Technician
Sarmiento, R. Cafeteria Manager
Walcott, P. IT Support
Woodward, A. WOTP Placement Tech
Woolley, J. Librarian
Savard, M.N. Planning Room
Simatos, S. Spiritual Animator
Smith, P. FSSTT
Tramley, P. Thailand Coordinator
Burns, A. Integration Aide
Foster, M. Integration Aide
Klisivitch, V. Integration Aide
Leon, G. Integration Aide
Lyons, S. Integration Aide
Moretti, M. Integration Aide
Newby, E. Integration Aide
Ordonia-Chinien, L. Integration Aide
Parsons, T. Integration Aide
Prevovost, J. Integration Aide
Tait, S. Integration Aide
Gearey, A. Caretaker (Evening)
Lemay, V. Caretaker (Day)
Morrison, D. Caretaker (Evening)
Reece, C. Caretaker (Evening)
Seguin, R.  Caretaker


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