Outline of the Program

The Community Service Program at Lakeside Academy is a unique educational opportunity designed to expose students to the needs of the community in which they live. Our program stresses hands on learning experiences with the emphasis placed on service to the community. Opportunities for student involvement within our school and the community at large are limitless. It is the student's responsibility to fulfill their community service requirements. This entails research as to the activities which are acceptable, organizing requirements with the coordinator of the activity and submitting the completed Community Service Log at the end of each term to the responsible teacher in charge. The Community Service Coordinator will, however, facilitate the selection of service activities where required. The Coordinator will also counsel the students throughout the series of internal and external service visits and /or activities, which are sponsored by the school. A parent is informed of the placement of their child when the placement is external to the school and the Experiential Release Form has been authorized. Parental encouragement and support is essential and is a direct function of the tremendous benefits that may be received by the student volunteer.



As required by the International Baccalaureate Programme, all students are expected to volunteer for various programs and/or activities throughout the weekday or on weekends. Activities chosen depend upon the particular interests and talents of the student volunteer. It should be noted that certain programs are restricted to the senior levels, however, for the most part all students have access to most school or community based services.

Please note that at the end of each term, the number of community service hours completed will be reflected on each student’s report card

Community Service Hours



LOCAL CERTIFICATE                     













MYP 5                



  • School activities such as team sports, robotics and other clubs can give a maximum of 3 hours for the entire school year.

  • Complementary tasks such as grocery bagging that are initiated through another activity can count for additional hours.

  • Leadership hours count towards their leadership mark, not community service.

  • These numbers represent the total number of hours for the year.


Benefits of the Program

The benefits of the Community Service Program are numerous. The student will:
  • Develop and implement leadership skills in a caring and supportive environment
  • Develop skills when interacting with the public
  • Develop an awareness and empathy towards social issues
  • Acquire practical knowledge about career choices
  • Gain valuable work experience towards their curriculum vitae
  • The community benefits from young and enthusiastic volunteers



  • Be on time for your scheduled community service activity.
  • Remember that you are representing the school.
  • Be polite, courteous and professional.
  • Dress smartly.
  • Be flexible.
  • Ask questions. If you need information at any time speak to your contact person or consult your Community Program Coordinator.


12 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer

  1. The value of one: the power of many.
  2. I volunteer because I believe in my community.
  3. Be a mentor, volunteer.
  4. I volunteer once a month at my sister’s school.
  5. I volunteer because I’ve been lonely too!
  6. I volunteer because I retired from work not life.
  7. Teach our traditions to the young people…I volunteer.
  8. I volunteer because I am.
  9. I volunteer because my grandmother showed me how.
  10. I volunteer to keep our community strong.
  11. I volunteer because I learn so much.
  12. I volunteer because if not me then who?


Community Services Programs

  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters program
  • Dorval Oldtimers
  • Fondation Generation Fundraising Breakfast
  • Lachine Annual Blood Donor Clinic
  • Lachine Annual Guignolee/Food Drive
  • Lachine Meals on Wheels - Food Preparation and Delivery Program
  • Lachine Teapot - Boutique Assistance
  • Lachine Teapot - Birthday Card Making
  • Lachine Teapot - Luncheon Program
  • Lakeside Academy Annual Blood Donor Clinic
  • Lakeside Academy Curriculum Night, Open House, Convocation, Science Fair, Mini Day, Honour Roll Breakfast, Variety Show, Music and Drama productions, TOPS show and Awards night
  • Lakeside Academy Library Monitor Program
  • Lakeshore General Hospital Annual Phone-a-Thon
  • Maple Grove Elementary School Annual Breakfast with Santa
  • Maple Grove Elementary School Annual Field Day
  • Maple Grove Elementary School Breakfast Program
  • Maple Grove Elementary School Daycare/Tutoring Support Program
  • St. Paul's Anglican Church – Annual Fairs
  • St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank Program
  • Summerlea United Church – Annual Fairs
  • Telethon of Stars for Research into Children’s Diseases
  • Welcome Hall Mission

Additional Areas of Involvement

  • Recycling Program
  • Dans la rue
  • Canadian Scholastic Challenge
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Competition
  • Anti-Violence Symposium
  • Geordie Productions
  • Tutoring
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Vocational Outreach Tour
  • Destiny Quebec
  • Library Book Sale
  • Unity Show
  • Valentine and St. Patrick's Day
  • Diabetic Children's Foundation
  • Educational Career Fair
  • Share and Repair Book Club
  • Terry Fox Walk and Roast