Barre, R English, Math, Study Skills rbarre@lbpearson.ca
Bertrand, N. French, History, Geography nbertrand@lbpearson.ca
Blondin, J. Music jblondin02@lbpearson.ca
Chiappetta, R. Kitchen rchiappetta@lbpearson.ca
Côté, M.-A. Science mcote04@lbpearson.ca
Daigle, M. Work Oriented Training Path mdaigle06@lbpearson.ca
Daniel, M. French, History mdaniel04@lbpearson.ca
Dunne-Fox, P. Work Oriented Training Path pdunne-fox02@lbpearson.ca
Goldsteln-Shulak G. Goldsteln-Shulak G. gshulak@lbpearson.ca
Greco, A. English, Science agreco02@lbpearson.ca
Hadley, A. Resource ahadley@lbpearson.ca
Howse, K. French khowse@lbpearson.ca
Jones. C. English cjones@lbpearson.ca
Kilkenny, M. French, Math mkilkenny@lbpearson.ca
Labesse, R. Leadership, Media, Computer Science rlabesse@lbpearson.ca
Lanzetta, M. French, Spanish mlanzetta02@lbpearson.ca
Louis-Charles, A. French alouis-charles@lbpearson.ca
Macasklll,S. Math, POP smacaskill02@lbpearson.qc.ca
Manon-Og, G. Science, Physical Education gmanon-og@lbpearson.ca
Marrone, J. Visual Arts jmarrone07@lbpearson.ca
McCulloch, A. English amcculloch04@lbpearson.ca
Mitchell, C. Physical Education cmitchell06@lbpearson.ca
Nathan, L. Contemporary World, History, Media lnathan@lbpearson.ca
Parker, R. English, History rparker@lbpearson.ca
Preston, D. Chemistry, Physics, Science dpreston@lbpearson.ca
Preston, J. Math - (Website) jpreston@lbpearson.ca
Rajakumar, S. Math, Science srajakumar@lbpearson.ca
Reyes, R. Art rreyes02@lbpearson.ca
Ryan-Hamilton, A. Geography, History, French aryan-hamilton@lbpearson.ca
Schwartz, C. Drama, English, Media cschwartz04@lbpearson.ca
Seccareccia, M. Math, Physical Education mseccareccia@lbpearson.ca
Stepancic, A. Geography, HIstory astepancic@lbpearson.ca
Stuckey, K. Math kstuckey02@lbpearson.ca
Tran, J. Biology, Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Technology jtran@lbpearson.ca
Valadez, Z. Pre Work zvaladez@lbpearson.ca
Zito, A. Art, Math (Website) azito@lbpearson.ca


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